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We speak passionately about the power of teamwork. Our program is message driven and we take pride in customizing our message to make it both relevant and highly valuable to each of our customers.

The Drum Cafe’s interactive drumming event is based on two key principles which create successful group dynamics:

1.  everyone plays the same bass rhythm;

2.  and everyone listens to one another.

By following these principles the Drum Cafe is able to build a non-competitive community and to convey the message that everyone in the group is striving to achieve the same goal – to make music that is harmonious.

As participants beat their own drums and hear the rhythm of the group change and develop, they realize that they are playing a specific, important role within the group. They directly experience the power of group energy and understand that they are united by a common goal. The significance of communication and listening is highlighted through the experience of creating music together.

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