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With a team of world-class musicians, specialized facilitators and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of drums in tow, Drum Cafe creates unparalleled team building and entertainment events.
Developed originally as a method to unite the multicultural workforce in the New South Africa, our programs shift attitudes and affect change.

Drum Cafe began in Johannesburg in 1996 when a weekly drum gathering, became an experience that everybody wanted!  And so the Drum Cafe was born – a cafe environment where people of all cultures could come together as one to drum, communicate and have fun. The African experience of communal drumming became the perfect tool to unite and uplift the cultures in South Africa’s post-apartheid era.

Drum Cafe then developed a team building and entertainment program with motivational speakers, staff trainers and top musicians.  Through the medium of facilitated interactive drumming, Drum Cafe provides an experiential dialogue around alignment, cohesion, and teamwork.

Drum Cafe was established in the USA in 2002 And Today, our unique and relevant training platform is utilized internationally by many Fortune 500 and other companies around the globe

Drum Cafe Milestones

  • Drum Cafe drummers open 2010 World Cup Football South Africa with Shakira, K’naan
  • Nike appoints Drum Cafe to motivate 18,000 in Barcelona, Spain 2010.
  • Drum Cafe performs for Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday – participants included Elton John, Lewis Hamilton, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington and Will Smith.
  • Beijing Olympics – Drum Cafe drummers open games, welcomes 200 countries, plays to 1 billion.
  • Drum Cafe with Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, John Howard and world leaders at a diplomatic event with Heads of State
  • 46664 Concert for Nelson Mandela, interactive drumming for Business in The Community with Prince Charles as patron, 1,000 business leaders, London, 2002 – 2004
  • Unifem’s 30th Anniversary – with host Nicole Kidman – Hilton Hotel NYC – May 2006
  • Launch of Coca-Cola’s Lemon Lite
  • Taipei, Taiwan: Foxconn annual conference 2008 – 10,000 people
  • Elite Model of the Year, Nice, France, 300 finalists with Jonny Casablanca, September 1999
  • SAP Germany conference in Stuttgart, 2,500 people, February 2003
  • 5-piece drumming for President George W. Bush on his visit to South Africa, July 2003
  • Drum Cafe drum at Buckingham Palace for The Queen of England, during Golden Jubilee celebrations, watched by the entire Royal family and millions around the world, 2002
  • Drum Cafe drum at the Atlanta premiere of ‘King Kong’.
  • Nelson Mandela’s 85th birthday, Gold Reef City, 200
  • Performed at Women’s World Cup Cricket, as players come onto field. Music written by the Drum Cafe
  • The Tri-nations Rugby, 25,000 drums given to audience
  • Drum Cafe’s successful interactive theatre show, “Drumstruck” has been an Off-Broadway production in New York from May 2005 til now! Those that have watched the show include Nicole Kidman and Rosie O’Donnell, etc.
  • Interactive drumming for Microsoft Tech-ed, Amsterdam. 6,000 people, June 2004.
  • Drum Cafe drums up tunes with 2005 Australian Idols.
  • Interactive drumming, Woolworths, 4,800 people drum together at Sydney Entertainment Centre, 2005.
  • 8 events for Amway China, largest 2,400 people, total of 13,800 people making music with the Drum Cafe, 2005.
  • Drum Cafe drums with J8 Junior representatives, G8 Summit, Edinburgh, Scotland, 180 people, July 2005.
  • Old Mutual Road Show, 2,020 people, September 2001.
  • Nedcor Road Show, 2,170 people, December 2002.

Historic Highlights

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Drum Cafe at Tedx

Performing for Nelson Mandela

Charles, Prince of Wales

Prime Minister Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street

FIFA World Cup, South Africa 2010

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony, Bejing, China

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