Building teams… one beat at a time.

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A Powerful Tool for Building Teams

Drum Cafe offers an unforgettable teambuilding experience. We use interactive group drumming to support teamwork and communication in the corporate community.  Our clients find our format powerful and useful as a business tool.

With a team of world-class drummers and a drum for each participant, a Drum Cafe facilitator skillfully conducts the group so that within minutes they are drumming together in perfect harmony. We customize our message through a consultation with the client where we craft a unique message that is relevant & meaningful to the participants. The effect of experiencing your company as a synchronized drumming orchestra is both moving and highly motivating for each participant.

Group drumming is possibly the oldest form of teambuilding to date. For thousands of years people have been using the drum for communication, preparation for battle and community celebration. Drum Cafe session will help to break down barriers and push boundaries with a great unifying effect. It fosters cooperation and revitalizes the workforce. It is a metaphor for high performance teaming. 


Benefits of The Drum Cafe session

  • The playing fields are levelled – each person is as important as another.
  • Barriers of age, race, gender and ability all disappear.
  • We learn to listen to each other.
  • We celebrate the individual within the whole and the whole as support for the individual as he/she innovates.
  • New skills are acquired and put into immediate practice in a safe environment.
  • This technique is cooperative rather than competitive.
  • The alpha state is activated, reducing stress while enhancing focus and clarity.
  • Delegates experience a sense of well being within high performance teaming.
  • Everything ties in to the bass beat – the ultimate vision or mission statement – as participants are guided to identify the centre and play as an orchestra.
  • Everybody gets back more energy than they put in.
  • Each participant leaves feeling invigorated, motivated and fully prepared to engage in the tasks ahead.

Why Do We Drum?

Levels Playing Fields

Each person is as important as another.

Barriers are Broken

Barriers of age, race, gender and ability disappear.

Learning to Listen

We learn to hear and listen to each other.

Not a Contest

This technique is cooperative rather than competitive.

Stress Down; Focus Up

The alpha state is activated, reducing stress and increasing focus.

A Motivation Booster

Leave feeling invigorated, motivated and ready to take on the tasks ahead.

Drum Cafe Testimonials

See what our clients are saying about their experiences with Drum Cafe.

The Drum Cafe event spread enthusiasm like wildfire among my Motorola division. I received more positive feedback from the division heads about this event than any held prior to this. I will definitely be using The Drum Cafe again! Thank you again.

Laura Lazano,


The experience was fantastic,and exceeded even my highest expectations and wishes! My staff was stunned, surprised, and enveloped by the magic. They are still talking about it and we are all working together to make the beat go on!

Gail Hansen,


A unique teambuilding experience, unlike anything we’ve done before. ……….. Truly Stimulating!”

John Lee,


The Drum Cafe team was simply amazing and had even the most reluctant among us beating a drum with the entire group in just minutes. We’ve had nothing but good comments from the entire organization and many of them are ready to do it again.

Tom Loehr

VP Procurement, Rolls-Royce Corporation

The Drum Cafe rated as one of the highlights of the week. Our teams left energized and very motivated to win in the market. Our objectives were all achieved.

Mark Barnard

VP of Unilever

You did a phenomenal job! The executives and attendees were amazed at how well you incorporated our mission and objectives. I can honestly say that Drum Cafe was the highlight of our conference. We continue to hear comments on how much fun the drumming was and how impressed people were with you. We couldn’t be happier and really wanted to express our sincere thanks for the performance you gave. You truly provided us an uplifting experience that enriched our event!

Kristie Schroeder


“To say the event was outstanding would be an understatement. The team led us through a dynamic, organized session with high energy and humor. This was like no team building we had ever experienced before. Our participants were engaged and energized, and the team building “broke down barriers” in our group to prepare us for the 3 days ahead. Some initial feedback from our participants: “This was the best team building event I have ever attended.” “My favorite part of the past three days was the drumming event.” We had 100% enthusiastic group participation. And even those people we had not expected to participate joined in with excitement.”

Jen Lukitsch

Johnson & Johnson

Thanks to the whole gang for doing such a great job – everyone had a blast at the event, largely due to the Drum Cafe . You guys were the stars of the day!

Paula Heath